The Lebanese Red Cross reports two confirmed COVID19 cases among its emergency medical technicians

A worker in one of the Beirut hospitals who is also a Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) volunteer in the Southern Suburbs area, has tested positive for COVID19 on the 14th of July 2020 and has infected one other volunteer.
As a result, contact tracing has been implemented immediately and all LRC volunteers in the area have been tested and quarantined immediately. They will be re-tested during and after the quarantine, and their families will also be tested to ensure their safety.

Throughout this crisis, LRC has taken the highest levels of precautions to continue providing its vital services all over Lebanon despite the risks. From the first moments of the COVID19 crisis, LRC has implemented safety protocols from ambulance decontamination to training, to the systematic use of PPE, in order to ensure the safety of the public, the patients, the volunteers and staff. This allowed LRC to safely transport 2,637 suspected or confirmed cases since February 2020, and to transport 29,848 PCR tests to designated labs in support of the public authorities.
The LRC remains committed to provide its free, impartial and neutral services throughout Lebanon despite the increasingly difficult economic and sanitary conditions.

We will continue with our humanitarian mission without interruption, all over the country, while protecting the public, our patients and our volunteers and staff